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Character_infobox |BG1= |BG2= |imageBG= |image= |name= 1E11E "Hecthe" |hideb= |homeworld= Kamino (LadyVader) |birth= |death= |hidep= |species = Human |gender = Male |height= 1.75 meters ||hair = Black |eyes = Black |skin = Fair |era= |affiliation= Galactic Republic (LadyVader) |masters= |apprentices=

(text of the quote)—1E11E

1E11E was a clone of Jango Fett,


Early lifeEdit



Hecthe died sacrificing himself to save baby Qui-Gon during the Makraad Incident.


Avaria and Firmus Piett (LadyVader) built a memorial for Hecthe on Dathomir (LadyVader). His sacrifice was never forgotten.

Later in life, Angel Mireya Piett named her first son after him.

Personality and traitsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

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