Species |image= |name=Acklay |designation=Non-sentient |class= |planet=*Vendaxa

|habitat= |mass= |language= |height=3.05 meters |mass=1,200 kilograms |length= |wingspan= |skincolor=Ranging from green to brown |haircolor= |feathers= |eyecolor= |distinctions=*Six legs

|lifespan= |races= |members=

Acklay! Don't provoke it!—Anonymous Republic clone trooper[src]

The acklay was a non-sentient carnivore native to Vendaxa (LadyVader). Acklays had sharp claws, thick skin, and averaged 3.05 meters tall. Due to these attributes, as well as the species' ferocity, acklays were often exported from Vendaxa to be used in gladiatorial combat. The creatures could be found on Geonosis (LadyVader), where they were commonly brought in to fight other creatures --and sentients-- in the Petranaki arena (LadyVader). An acklay was used in the attempted execution of Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi (LadyVader) in 22 BBY, but was killed by Kenobi. In addition to Geonosis, the creatures could be also found on worlds such as Lehon and Felucia