The planet Aevara, named after a famous scientist, is an iron planet in a densely populated solar system with twenty-four other planets. Aevara is about 10.0 times bigger than Earth and its gravity is about 7.54 times that of Earth.

A single day lasts 28.38 hours and a year lasts 309 days. The planet is made up of 5 continents, which make up 49% of the planet's landmass.

5 moons orbit the planet and Aevara itself orbits a blue sun in a wide, elliptic orbit.

The plant-like organisms on this planet are primarily shrubs and smaller trees, supported by small flowers, grasses and fungi on the bottom layer. Tall trees make up only a small portion of plant life on this planet.

Attracting animals to help with pollination and reproduction is usually done with smells and bright colors, but most species on this planet do it a little different. Sound is by far the most preferred way to attract animals and it can lead to some of the most spectacular natural orchestras. Some species let the wind blow between specialized openings which create special sounds. Others produce sound with specialized mechanisms, usually in the form of clapping, which can be compared to how a Venus flytrap catches its prey.

Although most of the water on this planet is fresh, the water plants did develop into what is perhaps more closely related to corals than to plants. These highly specialized species roughly resemble what we're used to in the oceans of Earth, but are only seen in fresh water on very rare occasions, which makes the species on this planet all the more intriguing.

This planet is home to a huge variety of animals, mostly related to reptiles, birds and fish. However, the most advanced species are birds, some of which have become sentient. Their behavior is remarkable and fascinating to study, most of them are unlike anything we've seen on Earth. Whole communities of birds can be found throughout the planet, many of which have evolved into completely separate species.

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