The Amintores were a noble, purebred family of Italian Greyhounds. They had a long relationship with the Venezetti family. The family name means "defender."

The female variant of the name is Aminta.

The first known family member came from Verona, a young immigrant girl named Aminta who came to the Americas with her parents. When her name was put on the record as Aminta Verona, she politely asked for the names to be reversed and calmly explained why to an immigration official who spoke her native tongue.

A translator records her words: "The name Aminta is a source of honor. It means "defender;" I would die to defend my family. If I ever have a family, I want my children to have that name."

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Armando Amintore (1910-1955) was an Italian Greyhound. He was a tall, wiry dog with brindle fur and dark brown eyes, so dark they almost seemed black.

His first and last appearance is in Cry for the Strangers.

Armando was mostly raised by his mother.

Amintore also worked as Adhira Khan's bodyguard from 1946 until his 1955 death. Amintore died after being shot in the chest with his own gun. His last words were "Help me.....Mama."

His mother, Orazia Amintore, was a tall dog with brindle and cream fur 

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