A male Arrick posing for a picture

The natives of Niomea were small, highly-intelligent, oviparous quadrupeds resembling the dragons of Earth legend. The species accepted the name 'Niomeans' from non-natives without complaint, but preferred their native species name, Arrick.

The typical male Arrick was solid black with four legs, a long slender neck with a triangular shaped head which had small spines on its forehead and a tail that was about a good foot and a half in length. The twin wings on its back looked big enough to encompass the small creature at least twice. Its small blue eyes resembled a cat's with their slitted pupils.

The females were half the size of the males, slightly lighter in coloration, lacking the spines on the forehead.


Despite their fierce appearance, Arrick were a gentle race, only fighting to defend themselves and their families. The species was mildly Force-sensitive and matriarchal.

They produced a natural pheromone from small glands under their wings that could calm any member of another race around them if they sensed fear in the other being.

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