The Village of Aurilia was formed on the planet Dathomir by a small group of like-minded Force sensitive refugees who had, for one reason or another, abandoned their old lives. Some of them were hunted by agents of the Empire, their strange knack for piloting, healing, or combat making them dangerous to the Emperor, and the rumors of a Sith Lord who held a high power amongst the Imperials.


The township of Aurilia

Several of them had dealings with the Jedi Council. Some were brought forward by Jedi warriors after discovering their natural abilities. Others who brought themselves to the Jedi, hoping to be trained or at least given some explanation for these strange gifts that made other people look upon them with fear or trepidation.

All of them were turned away for various reasons: political ramifications (one of the villagers had a father in the Imperial Navy), age (many of them were too old to begin the training), aptitude (many did not display the qualities of a Jedi Knight), or disinterest from the person themselves.


The outer borders of Aurilia

The Village is located in a desolate corner of Southwest Dathomir. This village is a remote primitive environment, with only a few of the comforts of modern society. The village has stood undisturbed for years. The people live a rustic and agricultural life; they bother no one, trade with no one, and cause no trouble for the Empire, the Rebellion, or any of the various criminal organizations that exist throughout the galaxy. They've hidden themselves in plain sight. They don't do anything to actively discourage anyone from finding them, which in itself keeps them off the radar of most governments. Though they have no formal training many of them have become quite confident in their abilities, and they have no qualms about teaching what they've learned to anyone who is willing to listen.

Notable Inhabitants Edit

Firmus Piett (LadyVader), Avaria Beillane Piett, Angel Mireya Piett, Qui-Gon Piett

The Pietts are the only couple who have contact with anyone outside of the village, the Dreaming River Coven. The coven doesn't tell anyone about Aurilia.

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