Axxila was a planet in the Quelii sector (LadyVader) of the Outer Rim Territories (LadyVader)


Axxila was an Ecumenopolis (LadyVader), often described as "Coruscant (LadyVader), but inside-out". It was located at the intersection of the Celanon Spur and the hyperlane of industrial worlds that also contained Edusa and Vandyne.

The system was home to the Axxila antipirate fleet (LadyVader).


During the Jedi Civil War, Axxila was the site of a battle won by the Sith.

In the N&W universeEdit

Axxila was the original birthplace of Apollo Jerec Piett. The Piett family line first originated here and many of the family lived here.

Apollo's grandson, Firmus, went here and got help from family friends when his little boy, Qui-Gon Piett, was kidnapped.

Section headingEdit

Trivia: In the canon Star Wars universe, Axxila was the home planet of Firmus Piett.

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