Planet Name: Aztlan

Location: Ivaldi System

Description: A jungle planet with an abundance of native lifeforms. Aztlan is considerably hotter and more humid than Earth, but it is still well within habitable norms. The atmosphere is slightly richer in oxygen, but still perfectly breathable. The most dangerous thing about this planet is its native wildlife. There are several landmasses on Aztlan, ranging from archipelagos to large continents. Most of the land is covered by dense tropical rainforest, although the planet's largest continent also features open grassland regions and a large central desert. Even the poles are heavily forested, with temperatures never falling below 0ºC. The planet has been colonized by settlers from Dac (LadyVader), Dathomir (LadyVader), and Mersey Apila. There are several large cities, but the planet nevertheless remains largely undeveloped and relatively sparsely populated.

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