The Berith system

Star Data

Type G1 V Yellow Main Sequence Radius 6.83 x 105 km (0.98 x sol) Mass 1.55 x 1030 kg (0.78 x sol) Temperature 5800 K Luminosity 4.60 x 1026 W (1.20 x sol)

Close Companion Type M6 V Red Dwarf Distance 4.16 x 107 km (0.28 AU) Radius 3.04 x 105 km (0.44 x sol) Mass 7.79 x 1029 kg (0.39 x sol) Temperature 2500 K Luminosity 1.38 x 1025 W (0.04 x sol)

New Terra Type Terrestrial World Orbital Radius 1.66 x 108 km (1.11 AU) Period 9.40 x 103 hours (1.07 earth years) Physics Standard iron/silicate Gravity 8.66 m/s2 (0.89 x earth) Hydrosphere 1 % water, 12 % ice Atmosphere Dense breathable Biosphere Microbes, algae Civilization Colony Special Ruins of an ancient civilization

II Type Rock Planet Orbital Radius 2.76 x 108 km (1.85 AU) Period 2.03 x 104 hours (2.32 earth years) Gravity 4.78 m/s2 (0.49 x earth)

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