Real Name: Talra

Nickname: "Bloodrudder", a nickname other assassins have called her because of her skill with bladed weapons. She adopted it and uses it with honor, calling herself by it.

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Dark Green

Species: River Otter

Place of Origin: Talra doesn't know her place of origin or real last name because she was born on a galleon off the coast of Southsward. She doesn't know what happened to her real parents other than that.

Appearance and Scars: She has a tall build, dark brown fur, and dark green eyes. She wears a long-sleeved black tunic, a red vest, and a shoulder belt over her left shoulder to hold her weapons. She has two major scars: scar on left paw from making a blood oath, a long, curving scar on her face under left eye that runs from above her nose, down her cheek to the corner of her mouth. She got the second scar when she went undercover in Salamandastron, a hare slashed her with a fencing rapier.

Weapons: Long dirk, claymore, Longbow and black-flighted arrows

Personality: She always sides with the vermin in battle. She has a burning hatred in her heart for woodlanders because of what they did to the only mother she ever knew.

Back History: The otter was raised by a vixen from the time she was a dibbun still wrapped in blankets. The Long Patrol killed her adoptive mother with arrows in front of her eyes, thinking she'd kidnapped her. The murder caused her to make a blood oath against them and all woodlanders.

Anybeast who assumes Bloodrudder's just an innocent goodbeast doesn't have time to think twice before she kills them. She'll lure them in with the "innocent otter" act, then either poison them, slit their throat or knife them in the back. She's a former, apparently "defected" Salamandastron prison guard; in reality, she was undercover to help the vermin prisoners escape.

Age: Young adult (about eight seasons old)

Family: None

Affiliation: Outside/Vermin - A hired blade, Bloodrudder kills for pay, will rarely accept hits from woodlanders on vermin for money, but mainly, works with vermin.

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