{{Infobox JavaScript

| Image file = ChatOptions dialog.png

| Description = Loads an interface for '''Special:Chat''' to modify its appearance in a basic manner 

| Scope = Intended for wiki use, but can be used for personal use

| Author = [[User:Madnessfan34537|Madnessfan34537]], [[User:Sactage|Sactage]], [[User:Callofduty4|Callofduty4]]

| Updated = 31 March 2013

| Code = [[/code.js]]

| Skins = Oasis

| Languages = {{#language:en}}

}}The '''ChatOptions''' script loads an interface for Special:Chat to modify its appearance in a basic manner. This includes also [[w:User:Monchoman45/ChatHacks.js|ChatHacks]] by Monchoman45 and other scripts.

== Usage ==

Before this will work, you must follow '''[[Help:Custom Chat Javascript/CSS|this guide]]''' if you have not already set up custom chat Javascript. After doing so, simply add the following to the '''MediaWiki:Chat.js''' page on your wiki:

<source lang="javascript">importScriptPage('ChatOptions/code.js', 'dev');</source>


[[Category:Chat Scripts]]

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