Bubbling ooze flows up from deep within Dathomir (LadyVader) This tar has been known to trap and pull down even the largest of creatures like the rancor. One of these pits was located just north of the Dreaming River Valley, home of the Dreaming River Coven.

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When explaining to Mother Kurzhal Vyzhara and Alcina Beillane how he felt about Avaria Beillane, Firmus Piett (LadyVader) referenced the pits.

"You asked me what the most important thing in my life was the day of the Selection. . . I can answer in one word: Avaria. She's the other half of my heart. She's not just my first love, she's my first, last and only. Her presence alone is exhilarating—breathtaking—amazing. She's my oxygen, the gush of air that keeps me thriving, my heart beating and pumping. Alcina. . . , I'm nothing without your daughter. I'm not just saying that. . . I mean it! If Avaria were to join the Force before me, my universe would shatter. Stars would burn out ... My life would be and mean nothing without her. I would soon join her: I would go to the closest tar pit, walk out into it and wait until it took me. There'd be no more pain and my heart wouldn't hurt . . . We'd be together again. I would do this. . . if she were to go before me."

Kurzhal had a nightmare that night that was so intense she mistook it for a Force-vision; she witnessed Avaria's death and saw a heartbroken Firmus take his own life in a tar pit.

Avaria was my life, my soul, my everything, my only reason for living. I've been just existing up until now. . . but no more. I've chosen to rejoin the Force and the other half of my heart. I put an end to the shell that remains. My body will be found in the tar pit north of Dreaming River Valley; my lightsaber will be found on the ground near the place I went in. I ask that when it's recovered. . . that I be given a Dathomiri funeral and laid to rest beside Avaria. Bury me in my old uniform. Nexu out.

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Ripples spreading over the surface of a tar pit

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