Planet Name: Deepsky

Location: Garell System

Description: A gas giant with a nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere. The atmosphere is home to a rich ecosystem of complex lifeforms, many of which use helium bladders to stay afloat. Despite the lack of a solid surface, Deepsky does support a small human population. A floating city has been constructed and is home to several thousand individuals. Like the native lifeforms, the city uses helium to stay afloat. The colony's purpose is mostly high wealth residential, with healthcare, tourism and entertainment being the largest industries. A separate facility also collects oxygen for use in spaceship life support systems, but it has been continuously threatened with closure due to its deleterious effect on the planets atmosphere.

Both the northern and southern hemispheres experience harsh winters, with cold nights that can last for weeks or months at a time depending on latitude. Intelligent flying squid-like creatures are a secondary form of life on the planet.

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