Biographical Information

Homeworld Minbari

Born 27 BBY i


Mir (LadyVader)

Mother: Chennan of (Mir) Valeria Father: Ravenn of Mir

Physical Description

Species Minbari/Human

Gender Female

Height 1.68 meters (5'6")

Hair Color Dk. Brown

Eye Color Blue

Skin Color Fair

Chronological and Political Information


Rise of the Empire Rebellion


Delenn, or Delenn of Mir, was a Minbari that was the mate of John D. Sheridan. Delenn had had some training as a Anla’shok (Minbari Ranger), but chose to dedicate her life to the pursuit of knowledge.

Her knowledge of political science, diplomacy, and law would aid Delenn in her travels with her father’s former apprentice, Marcus.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Delenn was known for her calm demeanor and high standards on protocol and etiquette.


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