Type Large iron/silicate

Radius 8012.88 km (1.26 x earth)

Surface Area 8.07 x 108 km2

Land Area 4.11 x 108 km2 (2.76 x earth)

Mass 1.36 x 1025 kg (2.28 x earth)

Density 6.32 g/cm3 (1.15 x earth)

Composition 34.2% iron, 28.9% titanium, 19.0% oxygen, 11.9% silicon, 6.0% other metals, trace other elements

Gravimetry Gravity 14.09 m/s2 (1.44 x earth)

Escape Velocity 15.03 km/s

Rotation Period 22.91 hours

Axis Tilt 3.34 °

Hydrosphere Water 50 %

Ice 10 %

Atmosphere Type Thin reducing

Pressure 17.16 kPa (0.17 x earth)

Composition 60.2% sulfur dioxide, 21.7% methane, 18.2% carbon dioxide, trace other gases

Climate Type Standard

Min Temp 162 K (-110 °C)

Avg Temp 294 K (21 °C)

Max Temp 372 K (99 °C)

Biosphere Chemistry Silicon Edit

Lifeforms Prokaryotic microbes

Civilization Type Colony Edit

Population 7.09 million Society Military Dictatorship Tech Level Starfaring (antimatter power, interstellar spacecraft)

Special Features Planetary rings

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