[[File:Karnage08.jpg|thumb|300px|Felipe Karnage and his former protege, Kit Cloudkicker]]

Name: Felipe Alejandro Karnage

Occupation: Former Leader of the Air Pirates


Wife: [[Grace Marina Kane]]

Daughter: [[Alicia Karnage]]

Son: [[Daniel Kane Karnage]] (deceased, stillborn)

Disowned son: [[Leo Karnage]]

Father: [[Pablo Karnage]] (deceased)

Mother: [[Theresa Abano Karnage]] - (deceased)

Brother: [[García Rodolfo Karnage]] (stillborn)

Brother: [[Rubin Valero Karnage]] (stillborn)

Sister: [[Rosa Lupe Karnage]]

Sister: [[Helena Evita Karnage]] (deceased; suicide)

Title: Don, he's the head of the Karnage household.

Laguages: He's fluent in Spanish and Italian, has some trouble with English turns of phrase.

Turns his command over to Mad Dog

==Known quotes==

<span style="line-height:17px;white-space:pre-line;">"I am a wolf of many faces, one is de dashing ''capitain''. Master of de skies, no?- [[User:WildloughRhulain |<font color="Goldenrod ">Tiria Wildlough</font>]] [[File:Hrusclean.jpg‎|20px|]] [[User talk:WildloughRhulain |<sup><font color="red" size="2">Ee aye eeeh!!</font></sup>]] 04:56, June 3, 2012 (UTC)</span>

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