Menace by djahal


“Red Shark 2 closing on target,” I confirmed, swallowing my fear and trying my best to sound calm and composed.

The creature was huge. And I do mean huge. With one of its tentacles stretched upwards, it was able to reach the top of the cliff. Had anybody been standing up there, gawping down in amazement at the hideous monster that had crawled across the countryside, it would have been able to whip them clear off the edge. Fortunately, we’d been able to predict its movements pretty well, and the area had been largely evacuated.

Largely, but not entirely.

I knew that this was only a stalling tactic. The missiles would barely scratch that thing, but if we could slow it down long enough to get another ten or twelve civilians out of the target zone then it would be worthwhile. The last resort had now been authorized, and it was ready to deploy. It was all about counting the minutes now. Counting the lives.

‘Hope I get the fucker between the eyes,’ I told myself, unsure of where the creature kept its reproductive organs. Tightening my grip on the controls, I prayed those tentacles weren’t fast enough or long enough to snag my jet.

“Fox 1.”

Chapter One

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Chapter Two

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Chapter Four

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