Planet Name: Abellio Location: Ivaldi System Description: An Earth-like planet with several large continents. Forests of carnivorous plants cover 60% of the planet's landmass.

Planet Name: Darwin IV Location: Ivaldi System Description: A world named after Charles Darwin, about 6 times the mass of Earth. This is a desert world with hardly any water, yet it is home to over 15,000 life forms.

Planet Name: Necho Location: Ivaldi System Description: An Earth-like planet with an unusually large axial tilt causing extreme seasonal changes. Both the northern and southern hemispheres experience harsh winters, with cold nights that can last for weeks or months at a time depending on latitude. The atmosphere is composed mostly of nitrogen and oxygen, but high levels of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide make it lethal to humans.

Planet Name: Xochiquetzal Location: Ivaldi System Description: A desert world with a nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere. There are no continents, but there are several small seas and lakes. Indigenous lifeforms include flying reptiles and rodents. The planet is home to one of the largest military bases outside the Sol System.

Planet Name: Sayoko Location: Ivaldi System Description: An Earth-like planet with an atmosphere that is toxic to humans due to high levels of CO2. The entire planet is covered by one enormous ocean. There are only a few small islands dominated by tropical rain forests. The largest lifeforms on the planet are giant dolphin-like creatures.

Planet Name: Savannah Location: Ivaldi System Description: A planet covered with vast, deep oceans. A large axial tilt and a highly elliptical orbit make for extremes of temperature, driving a highly unpredictable and notoriously unpleasant weather system. The planet's only major landmass, a small continent in the northern hemisphere, features rocky terrain and several active volcanoes. No indigenous lifeforms exist here, and the only human habitation is centered around small-scale mining operations.

Planet Name: Svarog Location: Ivaldi System Description: A high-gravity super-Earth known for its mangrove swamps.

Planet Name: Khafra Location: Ivaldi System Description: This cold planet follows a highly inclined orbit around its sun, resulting in an arctic climate. Summer lasts only a few weeks around the time of closest approach to the star. The planet is almost entirely covered by vast, frigid oceans, dotted with only a few small volcanic islands. The planet is extremely geologically active, which helps keep it warm, but regular volcanic eruptions are not conducive to life. As a result, few complex life forms have colonized the land.

Planet: Maliax Location: Ivaldi System

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