name= Kaida Piett

homeworld= Axxila (LadyVader)

species= Human

gender= Female

height= 5'8

hair= Light brown

eyes= brown

skin= fair

affiliation= Galactic Republic (LadyVader)

Kaida Piett was born on Coruscant to Jedi healer Jerec Piett and Ariona Piett. Her childhood was quiet, kind of sheltered, yet touched by early tragedy. When she was six years of age, her younger sister, Irita Piett, was found dead in her crib. A day that changed her mother's life forever. She remembered the details of that night the rest of her life:

A hysterical scream of grief pierced through the Force, jolting her and her elder brother Ardin awake. Ardin sprang out of bed, ran to find out what was going on and came running back to her with tears in his eyes. Upon finding out from him that Irita had died, Kaida broke down. She didn't eat for two weeks.

Kaida and Ardin spent the majority of their childhood gladly training to be healers under their father.

Going into serviceEdit

Kaida enlisted in the Republic Navy at the age of sixteen and rose quickly through the ranks. Her first posting was an outpost world on the outskirts of Republic territory called Volana IV.

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Tricked into slaveryEdit

Falling in loveEdit


Kaida's greatest gift ever, she always said, was her son, Firmus. He was born May 22, 39 BBY

Captain Firmus Piett

Firmus Apollo Jinn, son of Qui-Gon and Kaida


Legend says shooting stars are really kisses from the Force. Though we can no longer touch, I will turn my eyes towards the heavens so I may see the kisses you send. I love you, Qui-Gon, I always will.—Kaida Piett[src]

Firmus suffered from depression due to grief much of his life, he blamed himself for his father's death. The only time Kaida ever slapped him in her life was when he told her:

I should have died instead of Dad. I should have been there to save his life, to help him and I wasn't.—Firmus Piett[src]

Everyone who knew Kaida knew her as Kaida Piett, but she always thought of herself as Kaida Jinn.


Out of Universe: When I was trying to think of a name for Firmus' mother, the name came to me, at first I wasn't sure why until I checked the name translation: "Little Dragon" in Japanese. It fits her personality perfectly. --WildloughRhulain

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