Type: Terrestrial

The planet is a typical ball of rock and metals orbiting a sun. Most terrestrial planets have atmospheres, and many have developed life.

Terrain: Cave

The planet is dominated by an immense network of caves running throughout the crust. These caves are often caused by volcanic activity, and if the activity is ongoing, areas can quickly become dangerous as lava and toxic gases return to fill the caves they created.

Temperature: Hot

Hot planets average between 30 and 56 degrees Celsius, and while generally uncomfortable, are not nearly as hostile as searing planets.

Gravity: Standard

Standard gravity is that which is most common on Imperial worlds, and therefore most comfortable for most species. Standard gravity includes several gradients of true gravitational pull, but is placed within this convenient grouping.

Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)

A type I atmosphere has a proper mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases so that humans and comparable species can breathe it unassisted. These atmospheres may have contaminants that over the long term have a detrimental effect.

Planets with a type I atmosphere will have life or at least had life recently.

Hydrosphere: Dry

The planet is 50-84 percent covered by land. The planet has some standing liquid, and the land is probably a mixture of desert, dry plains, tundra, or other terrain types not requiring a great deal of water.

Length of Day: 31 hours Length of Year: 360 days Starport: Standard Class

The starport is fully-staffed and equipped. Restocking services are available, and there is a small shipyard for minor repairs and modifications. Prices for repairs and modifications can be up to double normal prices, and take twice as long to accomplish.

Population: 490 million Function: Trade

Trade planets tend to be the most active and exciting planets in the Star Wars galaxy. They are blessed with being on a good trade route, and as a result, everyone stops here to sell goods, make deals and purchase goods for resale at other locations. Sector capitals, planets that produce many different products and planets with wealthy populations are often trade planets.

Government: Military

Military planets are controlled by either the Imperial military or a local military organization. They tend to have governments which perpetuate only the military structure, ignoring the needs and desires of the civilian populations -- martial law is a way of life. Harsh, brutal crackdowns can occur with only minor provocation. Civil rights take a low priority when compared to accomplishing government goals.

Tech Level: Space

This is the stage of most planets within galactic civilization, and is characterized by hyperspace travel, droids, blasters, and highly efficient industry. Planets at this level are often integrated into the galactic economy, and produce many goods for export, but also import many goods.

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