Mother Talzin as Kurzhal Vyzhara

Ventress' homecoming

Mother Talzin as a relieved Kurzhal Vyzhara and Asajj Ventress as a rescued Avaria Beillane

Kurzhal Vyshara was the head of the Dreaming River Coven.


Mother Talzin as Kurzhal Vyshara

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In her lifetime she was able to unite the warring covens and clans into one and spearhead reinforcements to aid Firmus Piett (LadyVader) and Simara Mothma.

She was one of the signers of the treaty that brought Dathomir into the New Republic.

Before Kurzhal joined the Force later in her life, she turned control of the Coven over to Alcina and Markel Beillane.

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