Lenwe's Enchanted Scrolls

Location: Large City Type: Scribe

Location In an arcane ward, west of a colossal silver tree. Its neighbors include the marvelous tower of the wizard Peronor the Terrible and an ornate traveler's shrine.

Description The shop is a three-storey tower of finely carved stone, with a slate roof and dwarf-wrought iron furnishings. The surrounding yard is filled with scorch marks and craters.

Shopkeeper The shopkeeper is a tall male half-elf named Lenwe.

Items 1.Curse Scroll 2.Magic-User Scroll (Flesh to Stone, Raise Water) (3600 gp) 3.Magic-User Scroll (Meteor Swarm, Temporal Stasis, Wish) (8100 gp) 4.Magic-User Scroll (Ray of Enfeeblement, Shatter) (1200 gp) 5.Protection from Magic Scroll (7500 gp) 6.Protection from Werewolves Scroll (5000 gp)

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