Character Profile-

(Original HP character I created and have used in varied story ideas before)

Name: Madison Marie Andrews

Nicknames: Maddy- (only used by Severus Snape) Mad Dog- used by other Slytherins

Madison's a half-blood Auror, born to a Muggle mother and a wizard father. Her parents, Iano and Cara, don't believe in all the "blood purity" crap.

Before you get to know Madison, she seems like a "plain jane," unassuming, nothing really stands out about her.

She's attractive, with emerald-green eyes, a lean, muscular build and shoulder-length dark brown hair which she keeps pulled back. She's short-sighted and wears a pair of wire-rimmed glasses.

She uses a nine-inch-long, rune-inscribed dogwood wand with a phoenix tailfeather core. Her wandcraft's great: She specializes in anti-hexes, curse reversals and defensive charms. The WORST way to piss her off is by abusing a friend of hers. Like Snape, Madison's the type to hold grudges about particular things, friend abuse included.

House at Hogwarts: Slytherin; Madison was one of the few friends Snape had during his time at the school.

Animagus form: Gyrfalcon

Appears in:

1: Flight of the Falcon

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