Name: Malachi MacDougall

Species: Otter

Gender: Male

Appearance: Rather lean and rangy for an otter, Malachi sometimes jokes in his Highland brogue, "Ah've got hare bluid en mah family." His eyes are a piercing steel gray and his fur a dark brown. He usually wears a tan tunic and a knee-length kilt in his clan's colors, red, green, navy blue and white; as well as the leather armor standard to the Redwall Order and a simple, strong cord around his neck with a tiny wooden figure of three carved otters on it, two big ones standing together holding a little one, a figure his mother carved of her family.

Weapons: Malachi carries a sling and stones and a well-balanced claymore.

Personality: Malachi's a loyal, honest beast with a warm personality, he's extremely hard-working, outgoing, reserved and brings out the best in others.

Background: Malachi was born to a pair of wandering rovers, Aengus and Moira MacDougall. He knew war at a young age, seeing his father fall under the blades of seascum when he was just a Dibbun. Moira managed to get her infant son to the Abbey despite the arrow in her back, slip her pendant around his neck and hand him into safe paws before she died. He was raised as an Abbeybeast from that point on.

Affiliation: Redwall Abbey Militia, Redwall Otter's Crew

Appears in:

Red Tables: [1]

The Greatest Threat: [2]

The First Of Many: [3]

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