Malcolm Veers

Played by:


Name: Malcolm Veers (born Maximillian Veers)

Nickname: Iron Max (from Firmus Piett (LadyVader) )

Height: 1.93 meters


Date of birth:

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Malcolm Cadmar Veers was born on Denon (LadyVader) in 48 BBY to Malcolm Ricalon Veers and his wife Astraya.

Early life

Born Maximillian C. Veers, Malcolm had a quiet childhood. His closest friend growing up was Vrorcarn.




After the Battle of Hoth (LadyVader), Max sank into a deep depression.

"Maybe it would be better on. . . Zev . .. if I just put a blaster to my head and pulled the trigger. I can make it look like an accident . . .He was right. I was wrong."


Malcolm later defected to the Alliance, giving them the blueprints for the AT-AT walkers. He taught Simara Mothma how to drive one of them.

His defection was a huge shock to Zevulon Veers (LadyVader)

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