Appearance A unique multiped with a wedge shaped head, a long neck, two enormous light red eyes, a small slitted nostril, multiple ear holes and a long jaw containing a mess of sharp teeth.

It has a lumpy body, a rattlesnake tail, six very long, spindly legs and webbed feet. The Miwarime's body is covered in skin, while its face is covered in crystalline formations. It is completely white.

Stats Height: 10' 8 Lifespan: 160 yrs approx Maturity: 13 years Breeding age: 12 years No. of young: 15 Population: Almost extinct Intelligence: Mentally deficient Temperament: Flighty Diet: Small birds, Shrubs and Fish

Family life Competition between males is often deadly; the winning male earns breeding rights; the loser often dies from his wounds. The young Miwarime normally leave their families and live alone when they are mature.

General They can see infra-red light. Their bite is strong enough to cut through steel, and they can be found in almost every region. They communicate using a language that cannot be spoken by humans. They can go for several days without food. They have a very distinctive smell.

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