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Rathe Vindex was an alias that Han Solo (LadyVader) gave Anakin Skywalker (LadyVader) during a rescue mission to Mersey Apila.

Nickname historyEdit

Han originally intended Vindex to be the slaving partner to his alias, Jemmer Kawazio. When Anakin told him flat out that he didn't want his alias having anything to do with slavery, Han gave Vindex a different history, that of a spice smuggler who teamed up with Kawazio.

Rathe's personalityEdit

Psychology and perception: Relies on his partner to make major decisions

Self-discipline: Effective and Adaptable

Social attitude: Dislikes being alone. Is more of a follower than a leader. Stays away from alcohol, dangerous, appears rigid

Honesty and honour: Straight-forward and values knowledge

Emotional capacity: Keeps his emotions to himself, seems cold and hardened because of it



I always thought a nickname like this would fit Anakin.

The name is Latin, "Eager Avenger"

(His pronounciation of first name: wraith)

Latin vindicātus (past participle of vindicāre to lay legal claim to (property), to free (someone) from servitude (by claiming him as free), to protect, avenge, punish), equivalent to vindic- (stem of vindex claimant, protector, avenger)

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