The Redland system was a small, six planet system

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Planet Name: Chanterelle

Planet Name: Sarjana Location: Redland System Description: A hot and humid world with many rivers and swamps. Forests of large fungus-like plants dominate much of the surface. Two small colonies have been established by the governments of Dathomir, Corellia, Tattooine and Naboo working cooperatively. So far, only 47,000 colonists have arrived, but further colonization efforts have been scheduled.

Planet Name: Derius II Location: Redland System Description: A small lifeless rock with an extremely thin nitrogen atmosphere. Its surface is pitted with large impact craters.

Planet Name: Atria Location: Redland System Description: A habitable planet with a pleasant climate, homeworld of the Trioshi species. The Trioshi are a friendly species with a simple agrarian society and limited scientific knowledge. While they are not capable of spaceflight (and seem to have no interest in leaving their world) they nevertheless interact with other species. In fact, all visitors are welcome on their world. The Trioshi run a large spaceport on the large tropical island of Gaoi, which was built with the assistance of various allied alien governments (including humans). There, the Trioshi work side-by-side with members of various alien species. The island of Gaoi is also something of a tourist hot-spot, famed for its pristine beaches and multi-cultural resort facilities.

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