Species: Sheromi

Home-World: Borre

Description: A race of humanoid aliens who have powerful jaws and prehensile tails. As children, they are surrounded by a thick layer of protective fat, but this disappears between the ages of 6 months and 1 year. When their home-world was rendered uninhabitable due to an environmental catastrophe, they terraformed a planet in a nearby star system, making it their new home. They are now using their terraforming expertise to restore the climate of their original homeworld.

The average member of this race has a build similar to that of humans and is a little taller than humans on average. They have fair to dark brown skin and are completely hairless. They have very small ears, giraffe-like spots on their arms and legs, and large, copper eyes. They wear simple clothing that covers most of their bodies and simple jewelry. They come from a warm climate. They are generally optimistic and their leaders are interested in learning about other peoples' contributions to science.

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