In lightsaber combat, sun djem was an attack used by the Jedi that destroyed or disarmed the weapon of an opponent, the objective usually being not to physically harm the wielder.

Sun djem was a goal of early Form I duelists, as disarming or destroying the opponents' weapons could ensure victory without causing injury, which was always a Jedi objective. However with the rise of Form II lightsaber combat, sun djem became nearly impossible as Makashi duelists were well trained to prevent their own weapons being taken or destroyed.

There were several ways in which a duelist could perform the sun djem.

In lightsaber combat, it was common for a skilled duelist to try twisting or bashing the opponent's lightsaber from their grip with either a bind or sudden power blow, the Shii-Cho technique "disarming slash" having been developed for this purpose.

In such engagements, it was also common for a duelist to simply destroy their opponent's weapon, cutting the lightsaber hilt in two with his own blade. Against blaster-wielding opponents, this was standard procedure.

The sun djem could also be performed with a sudden physical attack, such as a punch or a kick. More experienced Force users even demonstrated the ability to disarm opponents telekinetically.

Firmus Piett (LadyVader) became an expert in sun djem, choosing to try to leave his opponents alive.

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