The Sonzaraks were already punching through the Human defense lines on the outskirts of the city and their ships were swiping our air forces, carrying troops on the front lines out of the sky. The Pentagon had already been breached and the President had been moved to an unknown location a safe distance from the main invasion force.

England, Scotland, and Wales were the only countries left and free from Sonzarak presence. They were gathering as many troops, paramedics and scientists as possible to fight the enemy that was getting ready to deliver a heavy knock upon their doorstep. The Prime Minister ordered the King to be taken to a secure bunker and the soldiers be assembled for battle.

It wasn’t long before Sonzarak ships started appearing in London airspace. The haunting fear of annihilation swept through the dark and quiet streets of London and into the minds of soldiers and civilians alike. Never before had the world seen anything as brutal and as catastrophic as this. The Sonzarak leader, O’hallaran Z’veral, sent out his troops to kill the English troops that were guarding the city gates. “Go my children, go and massacre the humans with ease” he beckoned, and the troops moved on into the city.

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