My character's name is: Yanis Opler He is a Jewish American male. Personality: The Inventor. ENTP: Extrovert Intuitive Thinking Perceiving. Outspoken and assertive. Enjoys people and is stimulating company. Outgoing, social, open, attention seeking. Insensitive. Always joking. The life of the party. Creative, resourceful, and intellectually quick. Good at a broad range of things. Enjoys debating issues. Likes one-upmanship. Talented at presentation. Gets excited about new ideas and projects, but may neglect the more routine aspects of life. Great ability to understand concepts and apply logic to find solutions. Rule breaker, risk taker, thrill seeker. Comfortable in unfamiliar situations. Appreciates strangeness and counterculture. Adaptable. Messy. Acts without thinking. Not into organized religion. More likely to support legalization of drugs. Easy going. Adventurous. Aggressive. Experience junky. Not easily offended. Carefree, dangerous, fearless, careless. Emotionally stable. Spontaneous. Improviser, player, wild and crazy, dominant.

Psychological Disorder: Compensatory-Narcissistic.

Favored Careers: dictator, computer consultant, international spy, TV producer, philosopher, comedian, music performer, it consultant, fighter pilot, politician, diplomat, entertainer, game designer, bar owner, freelance writer, creative director, strategist, news anchor, professional skateboarder, airline pilot, comic book artist, college professor, private detective, mechanical engineer, lecturer, ambassador, astronomer, research scientist, judge, web developer, scholar, FBI agent, CIA agent, electrical engineer, assassin.

Unlikely Careers: personal assistant, wedding planner, travel agent, secretary, interior decorator, clerical employee, government employee, social worker, preschool teacher, copy editor, child care worker, hospitality worker, occupational therapist, home maker.

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